Model risk management & validation

Our market-leading model risk management (“MRM”) expertise is perhaps what we are best known for. We have deep, hands-on experience and subject matter expertise across every type of AML model, including transaction monitoring, customer risk rating, screening, and more.

Model Documentation

Going from zero to one can seem like an overwhelming task when it comes to model documentation within AML. This, since properly documenting an AML model requires both AML, IT and modelling expertise, which may be hard to find. With our unique insight and hands-on experience, we can help you remediate any deficiencies and be fully compliant both quickly and efficiently.

Model Development

Developing AML-models is at the heart of what we do. Our cross-functional expertise and experience working across AML, modelling and IT makes us uniquely positioned to develop AML-models such as transaction monitoring and customer risk rating from start to finish. Whether you need basic rules-based models or complex machine learning models we have the know-how. With hands-on experience from major Nordic and Baltic banks as well as smaller financial institutions we know exactly how to adjust and

Model Tuning & Optimization

We have worked hands-on with a variety of clients to address inefficiencies, improve performance and ultimately reduce cost associated with their transaction monitoring program. The key is finding an optimal mix of tuning and optimization that mitigates as much risk as possible while still maintaining efficiency and operational robustness.

Model Validation

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to AML model validation. We have educated and built out validation capabilities from the ground up. The maturity level of organisations varies greatly. We have helped less mature organizations build out their validation efforts from the ground up and provided ad-hoc support for those with their own in-house validation functions. In other words; we’ve got you and your organization covered, regardless of size and maturity.

MRM Routines & Guidelines

Having proper routines, directives and guidelines in place is key for meeting the regulatory requirements on model risk management. We never bring a one-size-fits-all set of documents to any client. Instead, we’ll work with you to craft policies and procedures that are both regulatory compliant and adapted to the unique circumstances of you and your organization.

Model risk management & validation

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